Happy New Year from White Sands NM

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Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. Had a nice family gathering for Thanksgiving and always enjoy the food and football that dominates the day. Onward to Christmas I suppose and the zany shoppers that assemble beforehand. I don’t mind it at all, in fact I miss being in downtown Chicago and shopping during Christmas time.  The weather is beautiful where I live these days and I have no complaints, but Chicago is on my mind at this time of year.

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Back from the dead

G’day followers.

Yes it has been quite a spell since I typed a sentence or two in this space. So much has happened that I don’t care to write about. Just glad to be back and writing. People take breaks from time to time, my breaks just last longer. Hope all is well in your world.



Home for the 4th

Recently had the opportunity to visit Chicago and planned my visit during the 4th of July festivities. My wife and I stayed downtown for a few days and got to enjoy the Taste of Chicago festival as well as other sightseeing. This visit was almost more about the food that we missed since moving than the sights of the city itself. If you’ve been to Chicago for any length of time, you probably know what I mean. The Taste of Chicago offers a lot of food and drink with booths that run down the length of Columbus Drive along Grant Park and just west of Lake Shore drive.

Prices are fairly reasonable in today’s world, and you are able to sample famous items for a fraction of the cost at the actual establishments. They did have a booze tent strategically placed at the southern end of the festival that I took full advantage of as well. Had a “cheezeborger” from Billy Goat’s Tavern of the old SNL fame, and a Gold Coast Hot Dog. I don’t eat beef much anymore, so this was a splurge for me. Great time with great company.

I haven’t gone to this festival since it was called “Chicagofest” and that seems like a lifetime ago. I would have to say the highlight of the trip was experiencing so many civilized cab drivers. Not anything like my memories of old. Did not fear for my life once! Well done Chicago


One thing I never did…

This picture was taken in Alberta, Canada and I thought you’d get a kick out of it like I did. The only thing that could make this better is having the guy wear a beer helmet as he mowed during a tornado.  Molson anyone?  🙂

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

My favorite type of food is Mexican, so this is a great day in my household. I hope you all enjoy the day and have a great weekend.

Tying the knot

Had a weekend to remember in Las Vegas. My longtime fiancee and I finally tied the knot. I’m lucky to have her. Viva Las Vegas!



Just wanted to check in and mention that I am indeed writing and making progress. Changes have forced me to prioritize my activities in new ways. Recently my writing was put back on top of my priority list as my life has become more structured and less filled with surprises…mainly of the medical kind. I have an outline for a new book written up and I am now deep into the nuts and bolts. All that being said I have not written a damn word yet!  lol

I hope you have a great week


Long Grove, Illinois

It’s been a while friends. I am excited about the re-opening of one of my favorite places in all the world: The Long Grove Apple Haus. This place closed in 2012 and took a lot of tourism with it as it was the epicenter of this quaint throwback of a community. If you ever get to the Chicago area, you may want to stop by for some rare treats. Apple cider donuts are the best you’ll find!