Taking stock

Finding your drive again, once you put it aside for other things, is a very difficult task. Writing a blog isn’t hard, writing a book on the other hand is fairly difficult. I wrote a pretty good one about 5 years ago. It won an award and I was feeling pretty good about the future. But life has a funny way  of turning a positive outlook into all sorts of negative outcomes. Suffice to say that I have learned a lot about people over the past several years. Plowing ahead is required in life, but choosing your battles is an option. Being a survivor is gratifying, and I plan on releasing new material soon. This blog however is not going to detail my work. I have very little traffic or feedback when I post here. So I will use this blog very sporadically, and mainly as a release to basically shout it on the mountain, to no one in particular but myself.

Back from the dead

G’day followers.

Yes it has been quite a spell since I typed a sentence or two in this space. So much has happened that I don’t care to write about. Just glad to be back and writing. People take breaks from time to time, my breaks just last longer. Hope all is well in your world.



Happy Cinco de Mayo!

My favorite type of food is Mexican, so this is a great day in my household. I hope you all enjoy the day and have a great weekend.

Tying the knot

Had a weekend to remember in Las Vegas. My longtime fiancee and I finally tied the knot. I’m lucky to have her. Viva Las Vegas!

Every time….

Every time I start to say ‘I’m back’ I end up on the disabled list again.  lol

I am in Tucson right now on a working vacation. I am starting my 2nd book in my sci-fi trilogy while I am here. I’ll be back in NM around mid-month and hope to forge ahead and finish this book before year’s end.

All of my health troubles this year prove that I truly do have a heart.  😉    Glad to be back



Finally made it back home for a short visit. After fighting health problems for months, it was good to get back home. Here’s to better days ahead.


Thinking of home

I have been struggling through myriad health problems of late, and have kept writing. I had to stop posting on Twitter as I don’t have much time during writing for other things. This has caused me to lose numerous followers and has made me wonder about making that account private. If my health declines further, I’ll probably have to give up writing as well. That would be a shame as I have some good stories to tell. This picture is from a place near my home town. I think I could live there forever.